The perfect solution to no more pin holes in your running and dance gear!

Courage - Mini LinK

Designer: Scar and Co.

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Having the mental strength and spirit to try new things… things that are difficult, scary and challenging.. that's COURAGE!  No need to tell the world you are ready to run the race, dance full out or accept the challenge, just snap on these Courage Mini LinKs and let your actions speak for themselves. 

Courage Mini LinKs feature soft pink chevrons on a white background, reminiscent of an eagle in flight. It takes great courage to soar above the challenges and rise to victory!  LinKs come in sets of four.


Size:  12 mm in diameter (0.47 inches)

Weight:  1.9 grams

Strength:  1.6 pounds of pulling force per LinK 

Instructions for Use

Securing Your LinKs:

  • Carefully pull apart the front and back of the LinK pair. The front side has the pattern. The back does not.
  • Place the back of the LinK inside your apparel
  • Line it up with the front of the LinK on the outside of your clothing and number....they will attract together.
  • Be sure the front and back of the LinK are properly aligned for the strongest hold.
  • Repeat for the rest of the LinK set to ensure a secure hold of your number.

Removing Your Links:

  • Place your hand on the inside of your apparel and hold the back of the LinK with your fingers while pulling the front of the LinK away from the body.  This will ensure you do not lose any of the backs.
  • Repeat for the rest of the LinK set.

How to Care for Your LinKs

  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean LinKs
  • Store your LinKs in our custom case to ensure longevity of the LinKs
  • Do not allow the LinKs to snap together and do not store them connected as the pulling force can cause the magnet to come out of the plastic casing.