What is the LinK?  

The LinK is the newest concept for athletes that need to attach a number to their clothing.  Say good-bye to safety pins that snag and leave holes in your clothing! The LinK consists of two magnets.  Each magnet is set into a plastic casing. The front part of each LinK is printed with a color, design or graphic. The magnets are a high force and attract directional...meaning the front and back will only attract one way.

How do I use a LinK?

The LinK is a simple concept but does take practice using and placing them correctly so be sure to practice BEFORE your event!

When you receive your LinK order there will be directions and additional information about application, use and storage!

We recommend placing the front magnet in the spot you want it and then put the back on the side of your garment and attract together.

When removing the magnets, be sure to have a hand on both front and back so the back does not fall or get lost in your clothing.

Will the magnets fall off?

The LinK is made with two high force magnets that when put together will have a very strong directional pull and not move or slide.  Be sure the magnets are properly aligned to ensure the strongest hold possible.  

If your number is pulled by catching it with your hand or another person, then yes, the magnet force can be effected and result in magnets falling off.  The good thing in this scenario is your clothing will not be ripped or snagged like when using a safety pin.

How big are the LinKs?

We offer a variety of sizes.  The larger ones are 17.6mm and the smaller ones are 12mm.

Are they heavy?

No....they are very light weight.


We suggest storing the magnets in one of our cases for a prolong life span.   Storing the magnets all connected is not recommended.  Separating them and allowing them to adhere to the storage case is best.  The magnet strength is high so storing them all connected can result in the magnets pulling out of the plastic casing.

What if I lose one of them?

It's inevitable that you will lose one or two over time.  The most common loss is the back as it can get lost in clothing.  At this time we do not sell individual backs but hope to offer that soon.

Order Questions

When will my order ship?

Orders will ship within 72 hours of being placed.  A shipping confirmation will be sent with tracking information.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes.  International customers are responsible for paying custom fees, duties and/or VAT charges in addition to the shipping cost.