About Us

Stephanie and Scarlet - co-founders of Scar and Co.

Passion. Drive. Who is Scar and Co?


Call me a serial entrepreneur...I love brilliant ideas that are fueled by need and passion.  My mind works....ALL. THE. TIME!  I have so many interests and ideas for businesses but not enough time to make them all happen. 

For years I worked in the corporate world of healthcare and loved meeting new people and learning so many things but my heart was always looking for my own thing.  After leaving the corporate gig back in 2011 when we lived in Massachusetts, I fell in love with a historical retail space in downtown Hopkinton. I knew it was the perfect spot to launch my first business....an interior store with furniture, decor and a design studio.  

After a job relocation for my husband moved us to Naperville, IL, I partnered with my best(ie), Kristen, and we started STRONG self(ie), an event and gift box company for girls.  We are building a STRONG business built on empowering girls to feel strong and confident at a young age and have grown immensely in just under 3 years.  The future is bright in our STRONG self(ie) world and I can't wait to see where things go.  So be sure to check us out for all your gifts for girls!!  

So why ANOTHER company....meet my daughter, Scarlett, and you will soon see she is very much like me....in soooo many ways!  Scarlett is a competitive dancer (one thing we DON'T have in common!) and we travel all over the United States for conventions and competitions.  Since the age of 5 she has had to pin an audition number to her beautiful (and expensive!) dance wear.  I think she was about 9 when she looked at me and said, "These pins are ruining my clothes!  There has to be a better way."  Well fast forward a few years and well like I said....I am a sucker for new ideas and concepts when there is a need and Scarlett has enough passion for both of us so here we are.....welcome to Scar and Co.


Scarlet and Stephanie are building a brand based on LinKs

Together we are building a brand based on LinKs.


I dance.  I can't get enough.  Even when I'm not actually dancing, I'm mentally running my solo and combos in my head.  Probably not the best thing to be doing during Spanish class but dance is my passion!

I'm 13 years old and in 8th grade.  I train in all types of dance and love attending conventions, intensives and competitions all over the US.  As a competitive dancer I have to attach an audition number to my dance clothes during conventions.  Safety pins are what everyone uses and they ruin my dance wear by leaving holes and snags. I don't know much about starting or running a business but I knew there was a better solution to pins!  So I partnered with the smartest and most determined person I know...my MOM!  

Together we are building a brand based on LinKs. I love connecting with other dancers, choreographers, teachers and photographers throughout the dance world. These LinKs help push me to be better and train harder.  The goal of this new magnet solution is to not only safely LinK your number to your clothing but to LinK you to a community of people with similar passions and interests.  The Scar and Co. community will lift you up and help push you further so no matter what your goals are we are there for you!